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Isn’t it sex to love dolls? Love doll fashion guide


When buying a love doll, I think many people are considering buying it, not only for sexual purposes, but also for ornamental purposes. The most important thing to decorate love dolls is “how to make love dolls fashionable”. In order to make Aiwa fashionable, we need to consider clothes that suit everyone. Is there anything else to pay attention to when enjoying the fashion of lover dolls? This time, I will explain the fashion of love dolls that you can enjoy besides sex.

1.What is love doll fashion?

For those who photograph love dolls for viewing purposes, it is important to change the clothes and makeup of love dolls. Depending on the love doll, there are clothes and makeup that suit you, and there are clothes and makeup that are not suitable for you, so I think you need to make various trials and mistakes. Aiwa Fashion is not only more memorable taking pictures, but also a date with Aiwawa. By enjoying the fashion of Aiwa, you can not only have a sense of familiarity with Aiwa, but also make your leisure and daily life more sensitive. I will explain what are the things to enjoy the fashion of love dolls.

1-1. Love doll wig
By changing the hairstyle of Aiwa, you can completely change the appearance and atmosphere. Love doll wigs are very important, because the clothes you wear depend not only on your hairstyle, but also on your hair color. Choose your favorite cosplay wig and stick it on a love doll, it will make you feel different. By changing the wig easily, it is easier to decide what to wear for the day, so I think it is a good idea to have several types.

1-2. Love Babydoll
Aiwa has a wide range of sizes, ranging from models with slim figures to petite babies, so it is important to choose clothes that suit the atmosphere. Lover dolls are usually smaller than real women, so you must be careful about their size. For the clothes of Aiwawa, it is recommended to refer to the S size, M size and L size of children’s clothing. It can be said that the sense of size of clothes is very important for enjoying the fashion of love dolls. Pay attention to the size of your love dolls and change into your favorite clothes to enjoy a wide range of fashionable love dolls.

1-3. Love doll makeup
By putting makeup on the love doll, you can make it look like a real woman. When putting on makeup, emphasize the eyes and try to eliminate puffiness. Use eyeliner to make your eyes clear, and use eye shadow to create a deep tone. By attaching eyelashes, you can make your eyes look mottled, which is closer to a real woman. It can be said that as long as you draw eyebrows according to the atmosphere of your eyes, you can create facial expressions. Finish with a brush, apply lipstick carefully, and you’re done. By changing the color of eye shadow and lipstick, it is easy to change the atmosphere of the face, and you can also enjoy fashion through makeup.

2.Precautions for choosing love babydoll

When choosing a love babydoll, pay attention to mini sex doll and anime sex doll. There is no problem if it is a lover doll that looks like a real woman. It is called a true lover. However, due to factors such as weight, the frame of the lover doll mentioned above is often made smaller than that of a real person. Because the skeleton is smaller than it actually is, it is difficult to find clothes that fit well, so you need to be careful when choosing clothes. For the little lover dolls and the cartoon lover dolls, I will explain how to be careful when choosing clothes.

2-1. Mini Sex Doll
Since the skeleton is smaller than a real female, petite love dolls usually have narrower shoulders. Xiao Ai doll’s shoulder width is very narrow, which limits the clothing you can choose. We recommend that you carefully measure the size of the clothes, not the clothes worn by real women, and then choose from girls’ clothes. For girls’ clothes, there are very few choices of clothes, so if you have clothes that you really want to wear, custom-made clothes are essential. There are a limited number of costumes for petite love dolls, so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing a costume. There are also unique clothes for petite love dolls, so you might enjoy wearing clothes that real dolls can’t wear.

2-2. Anime Sex Doll
It can be said that the characteristics of anime-shaped love dolls are small and big breasts. It can be said that real women, because of their small size and almost no big breasts, are really rare. I find it difficult to find suitable clothes for the anime-shaped love dolls, depending on the size of the shoulder width and bust. If you have clothes you want to wear, you can make them quickly, but it also requires money and time. If you prioritize fit, you will want to choose larger clothes that fit your chest, but your choice will be narrower. If you are looking for cute outfits, you can choose various outfits from loose and fluffy outfits such as costumes in cosplay shops or pajamas. In terms of enjoying the fashion of love dolls, anime-style love dolls may be difficult.

3.Precautions for enjoying love doll fashion

In order to enjoy the fashion of Aiwa, I think many people want to change clothes and have fun.
There are a few things to pay attention to when choosing clothes. It is “clothes discoloration”. Discoloration of clothes
It will not only change the appearance of the clothes, but also have a great influence on the wearing of Aiwawa. I will explain the effect of discoloration on love dolls and the precautions for wearing love doll.

3-1. Color transfer of sex doll
Aiwawa must be careful to bleed because the material used for the skin separates and the oil floats from the surface. Bleeding is used to dye clothes and float them on the surface. The raised dyed particles will be deposited on the skin of the adhering doll, and the color will be transferred to the skin of the doll as it is. Please note that certain dyes used in clothing are compatible with bleeding and are easy to adapt to the skin of Aiwawa. It is important not to choose clothes that are prone to discoloration, but it is important to take thorough hemostasis measures. Bleeding will not only cause color transfer, but also damage the skin of Aiwawa. Apply baby powder frequently, keep it properly, and take measures to prevent bleeding.

3-2. Don’t choose clothes that are easy to fade
When washing clothes, have you noticed that different clothes have colors? This happens when the dyes used in clothes are dissolved by detergent and the dissolved dyes adhere to the washed clothes. Wearing clothes that are easy to fade on your love doll also runs the risk of letting the dye that has melted on your love doll’s skin. Love doll bleeds are more compatible with certain dyes, so some are easier to adhere to. Dyes and hemostatic oil mixed into the skin of the lover’s doll can also be harmful to the skin of the lover’s doll. It is important to be careful not to choose clothes that are prone to discoloration. The clothes that are easy to fade are dark clothes and cotton cloth, so it is important not to choose these clothes as much as possible.

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