Is it worth ordering The Standing Feet Option Sex Dolls?

Standing is an option of mini sex doll and is the most well-known model of sex dolls. The maker will put three small bolts made of metal at the bottom of the doll’s standing.

It’s like it ruins your body actual doll and may be ugly, but when you consider how “dynamic” beauty of the doll in motion, it’s something to worry about. It is possible for players to make the model stand up for just a brief duration to shoot, hug , or keep it. But if you’re unaware, it’s nonetheless quite dangerous because the weight of a doll is usually around 30kg. You can’t think of three bolts supporting it. Therefore, even if you’re standing, you should be careful and be careful, unless you have extra support.

Here are some scenes that would be suitable for a flat chest sex doll that is sexy to get up to:

If you are in need of an sex doll that can be a model , and you want to take photos;

If the doll has to be kept upright,

If it is necessary to cleanse the entire body of the realistic sex doll‘s

If the sex doll has to be moved

In the event that you require shoes designed for dolls.

There are people who may be asking the following concerns:

Do you think the dimension of a standing foot same as that of a normal foot?

Answer: The dimension is identical, however it is reinforced by bolts.

Do standing dolls wear heels?

Answer: It’s fine however because of its weight, the doll previously mentioned makes it hard to locate the center of the doll when it is sitting. It is suggested to wear flat-soled shoes since they will make the forces more evenly distributed.

Do standing dolls wear heels?

Answer: It’s fine However, that doll’s weight stated above makes it difficult to locate the center of the doll when it is sitting. It is advised to wear flat shoes because forces will become more evenly distributed.

What sizes of dolls can be outfitted with standing functions?

Answer: All dolls with more than 1 meter height can be outfitted with the ability to stand.

Question: Could dolls made of different materials be put together to stand?

Answer: Currently the moment, only TPE sex toys or silicone dolls can be found as TPE is quite soft and silicone is too tough and pretending to stand can harm its internal structures.

Q: Will the additional bolts cause damage to the doll?

Answer: TPE and silicone is a fairly soft material. Therefore, should you sit for a long period of time it can cause the perforation on the foot of your doll get larger. It is suggested to place it on its back every time you stand for a long duration.

Question: I’m not happy about installing the standing function. Can I take it off?

Answer: It’s feasible at the moment, as the doll withstanding feature has special frame made of metal, when the bolts are taken off there are three holes.

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