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Instructions on how to use sex dolls

The Isometric Body Silicone Doll affordable sex dolls model, which is made of high-quality silicone with skin texture and internal bone movement, is a human body model. Before purchasing a sex doll, please read the following instructions. Contact customer service if you have any questions.

1 Range of physical activity

You can freely play with the joints of sex dolls. Each joint has restrictions on movement to protect the skin. It can cause silicone to crack if it moves beyond the limits.

2 How to dress

These are the points to keep your silicone skin protected when you wear a Japanese sex doll.

The silicone’s surface is sticky. Before wearing, you should use the rice dumpling or talcum powder.

Don’t twist your arms when dressing.

You can then remove your head and put on a top and some clothes.

Apply talc or tassel powder to your legs if your socks or pants are too tight.

Placement of 3 anime girl sex doll

Avoid direct sunlight. Silicone will fade slightly if exposed to long-term sun.

Avoid excessive dust. Sticky and static silicone surfaces are easy to stick dust to.

To warm sex dolls in winter you can use electric blankets, but not too hot.

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