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Individual Makeup: The risk of a love doll

If you’re looking to change the look of your doll, know the dangers. It’s right and good to wish to change the appearance of your japanese sex doll to fit your own personal style but remember of the risks involved.

Be aware that no matter how and real you think your doll made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) or silicone doll looks however, it’s still fake skin. The majority of cosmetics, on the other hand, were designed specifically for human skin, and may leave traces on synthetic products.

This is especially true for makeup that is heavily pigmented, like heavy lipsticks or dark eye shadow. Particularly, with long-term makeup wear, it’s likely that the TPE or the silicone skin of your bbw sex doll may discolor.

Test Makeup Products in Advance – That’s How it Works!

It could be that you’re feeling a little anxious and you do not want to apply any makeup to your beloved doll, afraid of ruining her beautiful skin. However With a quick test, you can evaluate the makeup products and avoid the risk of doing massive damage to your beloved mini sex doll.

Select the makeup items for your doll, and then try them out in a spot in which it isn’t seen. The sole of your foot is ideal to this however, you can also test any other area of the body of your beloved cheap sex doll where discoloration will not be a problem.

Apply the eyeshadow, lipstick and eyeshadow. for a few hours before removing the makeup using mild soap and warm water. It is also possible to try makeup removers or special wipes but please do so only at the testing site for your doll before you try it. Some cleaners are too harsh or may dry the pores of your doll, especially in the case of dolls with TPE.

Tips: Before applying cosmetics to your beloved doll, try the makeup on an invisible area.

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