Inadvertently hurt the owner and the love doll! ? Points to pay attention to when living with Ewa

futanari sex dolls

Before buying a love doll, many men are excited about the exciting and colorful life that is coming.

However, when you actually buy and start using it, you may encounter difficulties in unexpected places, feel sad, and say “Oh, this should be…”.

Especially for men who are accustomed to dealing with love dolls, if you are a beginner in love dolls, you may make mistakes inadvertently, not only hurting the owner, but also hurting the lover.

If this happens, your love doll life may be ruined immediately.

Here are some of the mistakes you made while living with your lover doll so that you can enjoy life while flirting with your lover doll every day.

The lover doll is surprisingly heavy and difficult to hold! If you are not used to it, it will not be able to handle it and cause accidental damage!

The biggest feature and advantage of lover dolls is that they look as close as possible to real women.

Men can enjoy the feeling of having sex with an ideal woman because it is like a real woman.

However, it cannot be said that this is just an advantage, because it is important to be close to a real woman.

Of course, having said that, a lover doll is definitely lighter than a real woman. The 130 cm small love doll is about 20 kg, and the 160 cm large doll is about 40 kg to 45 kg.

If you write like this, you might think “Is it heavy?”, but think about it carefully. A small love doll also has 10 2-liter PET bottles, and a large one has more than 20 bottles.

Due to its weight, it is not easy for Ai Doll to maintain its shape. When holding a person, it is easier to hug it, because the person holding it will also use a lot of strength to support the body and assume a balanced posture, but Eva will naturally use her own strength to hug her body. Does not support you.

Therefore, Eva’s slender body is difficult to maintain balance when carrying, and may slip and fall inadvertently.

At that time, you may be injured by “accidentally falling your love doll on your feet”.

Even if you do not have a fracture, you will feel pain from internal bleeding and bruising. Especially self-supporting metal bolts that directly hit the soles of the feet may cause accidental injuries. be careful.

In addition, when you try to lift a love doll, you will get a “tensed back”, that is, “a love doll has failed.” Especially when you have sex with your love doll madly and try to lift your love doll in a strange posture to change your posture, you can say that this is an easy time to get hurt because you are not careful.

In addition, for beginners who like dolls, especially those who have purchased a “detachable” type, after inserting a small hole (sold separately) in the doll, some things need to be paid attention to.

After confirming “whether the love doll is firmly inserted into the hole”, it is necessary to have sex. If you don’t check, it may be that the masturbation device is misplaced. You can insert a slightly harder doll masturbation device into the hole instead of using a soft masturbation device to rub the penis.

Using a large amount of viscous lotion may be no problem, but if you inadvertently shake your buttocks vigorously, the penis that rubs against the hard part may be unbearable, the skin may fall off, and blood may flow out.

When you move the piston desperately, you won’t feel the pain unexpectedly.

“Peeling the penis” is something that men are proud of, but I have to be careful, because “peeling the penis” will bleed and is a bit pitiful.

It’s hard to heal if Aiwawa is injured! Be careful of the mistakes that ruin the love doll you bought

If you try to pick up a love doll and throw it away, you are not the only one who will get hurt.

For example, if you throw a doll on a hard floor, the impact will “make a dent where you hit it.” Lover dolls are made of flexible materials such as silicone and TPE, so they are shock-resistant and are likely to return to their original shape when dents appear, but in some cases, they may remain dents and irreversible.

If the recessed part is somewhere on the body, you can cheat with clothes, but if the face is recessed into a strange shape, it is difficult to hide it, so I am disappointed.

In addition, when dropped, the skeleton inside the doll may break. When moving, “Rock tile hit the furniture, and the furniture and furniture were broken”, “Rock tile’s claws were caught by the cloth, and the claws fell off” and many other injuries.

If the nails fall off, they can be glued together, but if the internal skeleton is broken, it cannot be repaired by itself.

In addition, I often see the doll lying on the bed unable to move, “inadvertently stepped on it.”

In addition, this is also the case with “detachable” silicone dolls, but there is also a problem that “when the dolls have small holes, the holes inserted into the holes will melt”.

In fact, silicon has the characteristic of melting when exposed to TPE for a long time. And, of course, molten silicon cannot be recovered.

Even if Aihua’s body is made of silicon, in most cases, onahoru will use TPE, so if you don’t know this, advanced silicon Aihua will not have it.

It is more hygienic to leave the small holes on the detachable love doll first, so it is best to remove the small holes on the love doll when not in use.