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In the past, sex dolls appeared on TV and in movies.

It will always attract attention, no matter where you are. It is easy to see why. She is proud of her large breasts. You will not find anything like it anywhere else. You must check out this woman if you are a sucker for big tits!

The TPE 100cm silicone sex dolls with advanced features offer many of the benefits of artificial intelligence life like sex doll without having to spend five figures. These dolls feel and look real. You can customize them according to your wishes and they have vaginal heating functions.


We are often faced with another problem. What if I wanted to make an big breasted sex doll that looked like a celebrity? Let’s begin with the bad news. It is impossible. We cannot make an exact copy without their permission. This is the good news. We are very close. Take a look at some of our anime and fantasy dolls. These dolls have enough similarities to your favorite characters to be as real as possible.

Take a look at her curly hair and plump lips. Next, close your eyes. Are you astonished at her plump breasts and slim waist? This woman is very attractive and takes good care of herself. She looks just like a puppy. Even better, she is a fiery personality who loves to have passionate sex and can be trusted with men.

In the past, flat chested sex toys have been featured in movies and TV shows. These depictions can be creative, sensitive, or even funny. Ryan Gosling’s “Russ and the Real Girl”, is one example. Someone has now decided to center the entire sitcom on a thick sex doll. The show stars Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect), Scott Pilgrim and Troll, as well as Donal Log (Gotham Son of Anarchy), Patriot.

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