If you’ve had an affair with a love doll


If you’ve had a sexual encounter with a thick sex doll, you might not get any feedback from your love doll.

If you’ve had sexual contact in a genuine relationship it is possible to feel the sweat on her skin, listen to her breaths short and feel the contact between skin and skin, the reaction in response to the movements you make, expressing her desires.

However, a sex toy can’t do this. The mini sex doll cannot offer any emotional connection in sex with individuals who possess an intense sexual desire.

A sex-doll does not react to your actions (such as pressing you or responding to your sexual desire, though obviously a moaning system could solve this issue but just in the form of the sound). You are required to complete every action.

For instance, if you wish for her legs, arms and even her hair to move particular directions, you need to assist her. The most flexible sex dolls are not comparable with a real person.

If you are interested in trying the dog pose it is necessary to raise the weight of a doll to check that its arms and legs are in the proper position. Once you’ve completed the steps the enthusiasm for you will decrease.

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