If you’re a virgin, should you purchase a sex-doll?

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If you’re a virgin, should you purchase a sex-doll?

We have received a number of requests over the years from people who are curious whether it is a good idea to purchase a small sex doll for virgins before they can try sex with real women. While we believe that this is a personal decision, there isn’t a definitive answer. However, we tried to provide some information and counterpoints below to help people make an informed decision.

At first, we thought buying a sex doll was an easy way out. Maybe owning a beautiful doll will keep you from finding a partner. Although this may not always be true, someone with a low or average sexual drive and who is a little nervous about dating a woman real could be happy with their doll. Imagine a situation where a man with poor looks could have sex every night with a 10/10 doll or he could spend his time trying to find women as attractive as him, and maybe have sex once per month with a real woman.

On the flip side, a doll that can sex with a woman can make it more intimate for a virgin. After a few fun romps with the doll, it may be easier to have sex with a woman who is real. A love doll can be a great help if you have nerves or are hesitant at the last minute. A sex doll can help with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation caused by over-eagerness.

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