If you want to be a sexy model, you should be aware

If you want to be a sexy model, you should be aware

Sex anal with your tpe sex dolls

Many dream of getting the sensation of a lifetime and experiencing an intimate sex session together with their loved ones. Realistic mini sex doll are eager to go kinky and wild throughout the three holes. It’s healthy, natural and enjoyable for a lot of people. Our doll makers have designed their sex-oriented dolls to let you experience a real-life very tight and vigorous experience that will surprise you. Because it’s not easy for a lot of persons to meet a person who is willing to talk, we provide women and men with sex which are prepared to go the extra mile to delight you.

Oral sexual sex and oral sex using an thick sex doll for sex.

All of our dolls are real and have mouths that are open. Do as many oral sex actions as you want!

Lubricants and your Sex doll

A lot of our customers ask us if they could use the lubricant on their dolls in order to provide an enjoyable experience. Yes, however, always make sure to use water-based lubricants. This is crucial. Silicone or oil-based lubricants could harm the doll or cause staining. The most well-known brands of water-based lubricants include K-Y Jelly and Astroglide.

It is essential to use only water-based lubricants for your doll. To prevent making your doll slippery and dirty, ensure your lube is applied only on the areas you want to get into. If you’ve already applied lube but find that it isn’t enough you can try adding a bit of warm water to activate the grease. This should work and you’ll be able to carry on your experiment without the need to add additional fluid.

Some prefer a more clean and dryer approach to improve the pleasure of playing with their dolls. To achieve the same goal we suggest using baby powder to enhance the softness of your beloved doll’s skin.

Concerning condoms

While it’s not required it’s not a bad idea to put on condoms when sexually intimate or vaginal with your beloved doll. It’s safe for your doll.

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