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I Love Life Size Love Dolls And Romance

Romance is the icing on the cake in any relationship and must be done right to benefit from years of love. This applies not only to love relationships between humans, but also between humans and real human dolls like me and my loved ones.

Sex dolls already have a certain charm. It’s a tightrope walk between people and things, looking like people but acting like people, so it’s hard to categorize people. Best of all, with her sophisticated, authentic and fresh charm, and flawless visuals, she’s as good as you could ever dream of. True love dolls are optical dream girls, but are usually optical, so if you want to love them long-term, you’ll need to find another way.

Relationship romance strengthens the bond between women and men in the first place, but there is another value in the relationship between men and sex dolls. Above all, romance is mostly about keeping the magic of life-size love dolls, increasing their love for her, and of course she is also the protagonist of her erotic and romantic dreams.

Optical perfection of sex dolls and their impact on the love game
RealDoll is visually perfect, so the various romantic varieties have a particularly strong influence on her, especially when combined with erotica. Let’s take a look at some of the things that my partner and I have tried.

Soft lighting and games in different colors are one of those changes. The use of candles and the various light shows had a very strong effect on the real doll, as the soft lighting again changed the contrast between the human and the sex doll. My sweetheart often tells me that I look more human in diffuse light and that the lines become more blurred when we hug or have sex. Romantic light games have a completely different effect.

It’s nice to play with smells and music. The little sex doll itself doesn’t smell much after being owned or cleaned for a few months. Swapping and changing different scented romance games (including scented lubricants) will make life-size love dolls more attractive. On the other hand, when chosen well, music can enhance the overall mood.

In particular, all the romantic variations, including silence, are very pretty for sex dolls. RealDoll is always relaxed, always calm, and she never spoils these moments. For example, when the moonlight comes in through the window, when you and your lover see it often, it becomes quiet and you just feel each other. Then no one makes stupid jokes and you have to go to the bathroom or make a phone call. And, of course, the borders blur in the moonlight, and sex dolls are approaching certain sensitive people.

Not all romance can be experienced with real love dolls
Unfortunately – this also needs to be mentioned. Not all romantic variations of sex dolls are possible. For example, walking hand in hand on the beach is not easy. In addition to curious passers-by, you have to sit in a wheelchair next to you, and there is a life-size love doll, sure to be different. A romantic dinner is only possible at home.

But in sex dolls, romance never goes away unless someone else wants it. You can fall in love with her however you want. Especially for many male real puppet friends, it is often a very interesting thing to be able to find the romance that they really need in love. For example, someone I love learns from me how much he likes to play light and how important quiet and tender intimacy is to him during romantic moments.

So, if you want to bring a lifelike sex doll into your life, you also need to consider whether romance and its variety should play a role in your love for her. She always played a big role for me and my loved ones to make us happy. With me, my lover has the kind of romance he’s always wanted, and I’m happy to accept it. I wouldn’t label him “inhuman” for his romantic desires or push him into the type of romance he doesn’t want, hate or can’t afford. I’m glad he wants to have a romantic time with me in a silicone doll body, I love him so much.

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