I feel a strong attraction to my doll. What can I do to stop it?

Here is my take on this issue of mini sex dolls.

The first thing we need to do is acknowledge that we aren’t in any control of our minds. It is a fact all of us have experienced bizarre or uneasy feelings at time in their lives, typically as their minds are evolving and exploring the boundaries and waters of what’s normal. There’s not something to be ashamed of however, it is very personal and revealing it to an uninformed person could cause harm.

Feeling a sensation that is unnatural or terrifying within your head can become more intense due to feeling of shame that it brings as bizarre and contradictory as it sounds.

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It’s weird I know it does, however, the mind can be difficult to master.

Another aspect to think about is whether there was something that has happened in your own life, something painful or maybe even a disaster that triggered the feelings you feel about your shemale sex dolls.

I’m not saying that there was a certain event of flat chest sex doll and that it is not the sole possible explanation! Only you are able to answer these questions. However, you must think about it, and if you can answer yes it is time to speak with someone you trust.

If you are not an adult or parent family member, maybe you could identify someone like a counsellor, teacher or coach with whom you be comfortable speaking to and asking advice from.

It’s not as frightening when you open up about it and take the burden on someone you are confident in.

Best of luck!

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