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How to Wash It to Remove Factory Residue?

It’s not necessary to bring your flat chest sex doll to the bathroom for washing. To wash your japanese sex doll, all you require is a spray bottle and a makeup brush. The traditional baby powder is harmful because of the risk to respiratory health.

Also, you can make use of cornstarch. Cornstarch is non-toxic as well as food-grade. It’s not harmful to you, the cheap sex doll, or the surrounding. It is possible to mix it with flavor powder, and then licked off of her, if you wish!

Set your child horizontally onto a smooth surface, such as a bed or a soft foam pad. Utilizing the spray bottle, create a soapy mixture and mix. Make use of an empty bottle and make a mix of normal hand soap or shower gel and regular water in the ratio 1:5.

Spray her back and then wipe with the soft cloth or sponge. Do it until the torso and legs, and arms have been scrubbed. Dry her using the microfiber towel. Then apply powder to get rid of the tacky sensation to achieve the soft skin feeling.

I highly recommend putting the baby powder, or cornstarch in a small container for easy reach and then make use of the makeup brush to apply it all over the parts that you have just cleaned. After you’re done turning her over, then repeat over her back.

After washing the mini sex doll using soap and water, there may still be some stains and stubborn dirt that remains on the TPE. It can be difficult to discern to the naked eye, based on the light source and shade of the doll’s skin.

You can eliminate the majority of it by applying baby oil at the same time on each body part at a given time, and you’ll notice how dirt accumulates at the end of the strokes. You can simply clean it up using a towel and repeat the process until it appears good enough.

After washing the teen sex doll this way then you can apply the rub using baby oil, and then allow it to soak.

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