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HOW TO USE MAKEUP on your dolls for a sexy look?


Are there any cosmetics I can use on my real-life love dolls? What is the best way to apply makeup on real dolls? Do I have to be concerned about applying makeup to my sex doll? This is a question frequently asked to us by customers.

Sex dolls are an investment We fully comprehend that the desire to keep your flat chested sex doll in good condition in the best way you can. You can also keep your doll looking and gorgeous for the duration of time.

When you wash the doll several times, the appearance of the doll you purchased from the factory could fade slowly. Sometimes, applying makeup on cheap sex doll that are sexually explicit is required.

The solution is Yes, you can apply cosmetics to your dolls for sex.

Before applying the makeup, be aware of the following DOs and NONTs:

1.) Do not use chemical or alcohol to get rid of makeup like bleach or nail polish remover.

2.) Don’t use low high-end cosmetics on your dolls for sex.

3.) It’s fine to use baby oil or mineral oils to remove any makeup that is not needed or old

4.) It is suggested to tie the mini sex doll‘s hair or remove the wig prior to applying makeup. It will be easier to do so.

It’s not always easy for males to create beautiful teen sex doll‘s makeup. here are some suggestions and guidelines to help you follow.

Be sure to have the following materials prepared prior to applying makeup eyeliner, eye shadow pencil, blush brush foundation brush, powder brush false eyelashes, and lipstick. Watch some tutorial videos for makeup on YouTube to make the necessary preparations.

Then , follow the steps listed below.

Step 1 1. Make use of a foundation brush to apply the powder. Start by applying the lightest hues of eye shadows around the eyes. Then, gradually get darker with each layer to create more defined areas applying the Eye Shadow Pen.

Step 2. Utilize an eyeliner pen create the liner. Start with thin lines and one full stroke to make it as uniform as is possible. Increase thickness by using additional strokes as needed.

Step 3: Determine exactly where on the lid you’ll need to put the eyelash. Do a test without glue first to determine the appropriate length of the eyelash, then take the eyelash off. Apply a thin coating of glue to the side of the eyelash and then place it on from one side to the next according to the plan you previously made.

The fourth step is applying Lips Makeup. Cleanse the lips of any makeup first. Use a small, brush that is stiff, start by applying the outline. Apply the remainder of the lips. Make sure you don’t fill too much at once. Recheck the outline, and make any adjustments necessary to ensure it is even.

Now you can be an amazing sex model again. Naturally, should would like to do more intricate makeup, follow this tutorial to learn more.

We do not recommend that you take out your eyebrows completely unless are extremely skilled at drawing eyebrows.

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