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How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll

Avoid wiping the doll with a towel when drying it, especially if there are super realistic paintings or matte effects. Patting the doll with a towel until dry is a good option. To avoid moisture, dry the doll’s orifice completely. The paper towel technique is recommended for drying the orifices. To do this, fold several paper towels into a long rectangle or cylindrical shape and place them in the wet orifices. Allow the paper towel to absorb moisture for a few minutes.

After drying for a while, remove the paper towel from the towel and replace it with a dry towel. It is common to dry the hole in the doll by drying it twice. To be extra safe, make another round of tissues, and place them in the orifice. They can only be removed before you have sex.

This guide is not meant to be comprehensive. Your parents will make it a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your most realistic sex doll. If the reverse is true, you should make sure that your show is memorable.

Be considerate of them. No matter what happens, your parents will always support you in love. Your parents will continue to support you and your partner in love.

She is as beautiful as the model, with a plump breast, abdomen, and thighs. She is also a great tool for exercising sexual abilities. She will not complain as her friend. Many people feel that their friends only want sex. Using big boobs sex doll to solve this problem can help you spend more time working or dreaming.

It is best to hold the doll upright when using the paper towel technique. This allows gravity to pull down the water so the paper towel can absorb it.

You must be careful not to let her fall. You can keep her safe by letting her stand in the corner and then tilting her back towards the male sex doll.

Tampons are another alternative to paper towels. Place the tampon into the hole. Allow the water to absorb. Repeat this process until the tampon is completely dry.

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