How to solve the problem of the weight of dolls?

Following are the way how to solve the problem of the weight of cheap sex dolls.

Solution 1

Invest in a stand when you purchase a doll. It is worth every dime and also will conserve you a lot of energy as well as time.

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Option 2

I suggest saving your doll under your bed, as this will certainly save you the initiative of moving it. It is also helpful to have a separate room for doll storage space in your bedroom.

Remedy 3

Go with an exceptionally lightweight sex doll. Most dolls weighing less than 26 kg can be carried around fairly conveniently. Nonetheless, sticking to one weight group can limit your choices. Specifically if you are a fully grown enthusiast and are seeking well rounded petite sex doll. I suggest picking a doll under 36 kilos. You’ll have less trouble carrying or hiding it.

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