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Heat gun for sex doll

The first thing you should do is to wash the surface that has been damaged on The Irontech Sex Doll with petroleum jelly or baby oil. along with cleaning them, they will make the heat distribution more evenly. After applying petroleum jelly or baby oil and then with the heat gun towards the area that is damaged.

Be aware of how far the gun is from the skin bbw sex doll, do not apply the heat gun too close to the skin, as it can cause severe burns to the skin. ensure that the distance is at about 10 centimeters. Its melting temperature for TPE the sex doll is approximately 110degC. When it begins to melt, you’ll notice a glass-like reflection and the time it stops will depend on the smoke produced by the temperature.

After heating it to a comfortable temperature, use an unclean cloth and gently clean the scratches that are irregular over the top of the cheap sex doll. After repeated cooling and heating many times the damaged areas will smooth. It is important to note that temperature on the surface that is heated will decrease very quickly. This is why wear and tear should be eliminated as quickly as is possible after stopping using the heating gun.

Repair the facial cut on TPE Funwest Dolls with the same procedure as described in the previous paragraph. But, it requires some time to be able to do it correctly. It requires the right tools and an able hand to fix tiny cuts on TPE dolls.

Repair facial wounds on TPE dolls by using the techniques mentioned above. It takes some time to become proficient. For the repair of small cut marks on the skin of the TPE flat chest sex doll, you require the proper equipment and steady handling.

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