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How to Reposition your Eyes in a Solid TPE Sex Doll Head

Sometimes you may just want to give her a little bit of lubrication and get on with the business of sex. Our goal is to help you choose the right sex doll for your needs. There are many differences in the quality and processes of asian sex dolls. We will explain these differences below. People looking for a partner can find miracles in realistic dolls. They can also help them achieve their wildest sexual fantasies.

It is harder to reposition the eye in a doll with a solid head than the head/face. However, the eye can be bent as sharply as if a modern sex doll’s face were removed from the skull.

My method involves correction using cotton swabs and paper clips, as well as water-based lubricants (or perhaps detergents). You first need to lubricate the area between your eyeballs and the silicone. This can be done with paper clips and cotton buds.

 You can also enter the corner. Also, I used a soft, but sturdy plastic rod with a cotton end. They are related to makeup, though I don’t know the name.

A makeup girl in a magazine gave me. It has been damaged in many places and it is not stiff enough to finish the job. These can be used to replace paper clips and toothpicks.

Use a cotton swab to rotate your eyes. If you don’t have a cotton swab, grab a paper clip and straighten it. Then bend it into a curve. How many curves are there? I’m not sure. Looks/feels correct.) The end of the paperclip is sharp and could cause eye irritation.

However, the lubricant-wet silicon rubber is extremely hard. A hard plastic cup is located behind the eyeball, as shown by the ebony sex doll exchange operation. Continue to use a cotton wipe and insert one end of the paperclip into the corner.

You should eventually be able use the paperclip to move the eye forward from the back. You can now add more oil. The eye should begin to rotate when you move the paperclip.

Artificial eyeballs usually have an equatorial (circumferential) ridge. This can be felt with the end the paperclip and you can push or pull the eye in the correct direction. It is difficult because you must pull the paperclip back after pushing.

This isn’t too bad if you do it regularly. You can wipe off any excess lubricant. Next, clean another eye.

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