How to properly use a sexy doll


How to properly use a shemale sex doll

If you’re looking for sexual stimulation, a sex toy doll can be a great option. But how do you use it? We will help you navigate the maze of renting a sex toy.


You shouldn’t have sex without using a lot of lubricant. If you have a mini sex doll to sex with, make sure that the lubricant is compatible with silicone. Certain lubricants can cause damage to these dolls. You will feel uncomfortable when you have sex with your rental sex doll. Additionally, sex with a doll without lubricant can cause irreparable damage to the doll’s synthetic flesh. This can reduce the doll’s lifespan and make you spend more.


Some people share their sex toys with others in threesomes or swinging. This is fine in and of itself. However, it is illegal to have unprotected sexual contact with the same doll or right after the other. If you don’t have a condom, or are comfortable sharing your sex dolls with others, it is best to not share your sex doll.

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