How to Perfectly Attach the Sex Doll Wig

sex doll wig


Three ways you can connect an sex doll wig. They are:

#1. Put the wig on the head.

As obvious as it sounds this is a fantastic way to keep your sex doll look glamorous and appealing. The wig that comes with the doll is made to be perfect for the doll The wig must remain in good condition for the majority of tasks. The most efficient and simple method to put on the teen sex doll‘s hairstyle.

#2. Make use of a wig cap and Bobby pins.

In order to do this you’ll need the appropriate wig cap as well as Bobby pins from the shop. The wig cap should be placed on the cheap sex doll‘s head and then put on the hair. Then make use of the bobby pins to hold the wig to its edges on the cap. Four pins are sufficient for it. One in the front another on the back and two on each face of your head.

#3. Use a wig cap and a Velcro

Get the Velcro squares that have an adhesive that is on both sides. Put one side of the square onto the wig, while one side on one side of the hair. This is how, when you place the wig onto the bbw sex doll‘s head The Velcro squares will help keep the wig straight and secure to the head.

So, after having reviewed three of the best methods to put an wig with confidence on the head of a sex doll Here are a few guidelines to avoid when you attach the wig to a mini sex doll with a sexy appearance;

Avoid dark wig caps. Make sure to choose light-colored wig caps, as dark ones can cause stains on the doll in the event of being left too long. This is particularly true of dolls that have mild skin tones. Even when your doll is dark-skinned experts recommend an ombre-colored cap for wigs.

Avoid adhesives. The glues and adhesives can harm hair of your anime sex doll. They can be messy, and more difficult to get rid of and can harm the skin of your doll. It’s not something you want to happen. Do you?

Do not use straps or elastics that are too tight Any straps or elastics that are too snug can cause permanent indentations and marks on the skin of your doll if kept on for a long time. Any solution you come across is a good fit, but not too restrictive!

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