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It’s also important to put your adult sex doll down when not in use. In order to prevent the anime sex doll from spoiling, it is basically stored in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. This is because sunlight can cause fading. Also, it is not recommended to store it in a place prone to heat generation. Best stored in a cool, dry place. Usually Stored. When storing thick sex dolls, keep them as low as possible. This is to straighten the joints. Prolonged flexion of the joint increases the risk of injury, such as a skin tear. It is also important to place it on a soft surface when placing it. Placing it on a hard object concentrates the weight load on a specific part. In addition to laying it on its side, it can also be attached to a hanger by attaching hooks.

 At this point, remove the head and store it separately. This is because it is easy to remove makeup such as eyelashes from the head. Regular Cleaning. It’s also important to clean your flat chest sex doll regularly. Due to the properties of the material, oil will seep out of the material. This phenomenon is called bleeding. When it bleeds, it becomes sticky and makes you sick. Just take a shower once a month.

Cleanse your body with a neutral cleanser. If you do not rinse sufficiently at this time, detergent will remain. If so, it may continue to get worse. Take the time to wash with hot water. Some sex dolls are not removable but have full vaginas. If you have this type of real doll, clean your vagina frequently. This is because bodily fluids stick to it during sex, making it easier to get dirty.

Care After Cleaning. After washing mini sex doll, dry with a towel. This is because the metal used for joints etc will rust if water remains. Some people may want to dry them quickly with a hairdryer. However, if you use a hair dryer, don’t use it, as the heat can damage your skin. After drying, it is best to apply baby powder to the skin. Apply baby powder to help keep it smooth and comfortable. It is also effective in preventing previously caused bleeding. Make Up. Cheap sex doll put on makeup and went home.

However, if you continue to use it for years, your makeup will gradually fade. Therefore, regular makeup can help you maintain the beautiful face you just bought. Gather Information Online. For men, women’s makeup has become a big obstacle. If you don’t know what to do, there are several sites on the Internet that show you how to make Chinese sex doll. The content in the video is explained in an easy to understand way, so please check it out. Love dolls are expensive products worth hundreds of thousands of yen. Just because it has deteriorated doesn’t mean it can be easily replaced. Therefore, the key to extending its service life is to slow down the rate of deterioration as much as possible through regular maintenance. With a little effort, you can slow down the spoilage of the sex doll. Why not use the method above?

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