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How to Maintain Your Sex Doll

The methods of maintaining sex doll

TPE Rehydration

Each month it is recommended to water the entire doll using mineral oil to ensure that the teen sex doll is fresh and brand new. Similar to washing your doll, apply baby oil to the front portion of the body. You then wait approximately 2 hours for absorption and then flip the doll over and repeat. Be sure to wash off baby’s hair prior to applying the oil to her body.

Vaseline can be utilized under stressed areas like the crotch, armpits and vagina, but it requires approximately. 12 hours to absorb. Vaseline and Nivea cream have a greater amount of mineral oils than infant oil. To hydrate the whole body infant oil would be the best option.

Avoiding Stains

One of the most frequent complaints we’ve had from our people is the staining. The two materials TPE and Silicone are able to absorb any color of clothing.

If you wear dark-colored clothing, it’s more likely to be a problem than if you wear clothes with lighter hues, particularly when they are new. To stop clothes from getting faded upon the skin make certain to remove the mini sex doll‘s clothing when you’re not using it. Also, making sure you’ve washed your clothes in order to reduce any chance of staining crucial.

Use only clothing that is not likely to transmit the color. The clothes must be washed prior to dressing the doll so that you can avoid staining. After you’re satisfied with the clothing and accessories that you have chosen for your doll, ensure that the clothing is dry. If there’s excess moisture or dampness on the clothes this will cause stains on the skin of your bbw sex doll.

Actually, the same is applicable to any item that touches the cheap sex doll‘s skin, therefore ensure that you take extra care when your doll comes into contact with any kind of fabric.

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