All joints of sex dolls are perfect

 Usually, this cracking and deterioration does not occur when there is no load on the skin. If possible, it could be the high frequency of joint bending and stretching, or the hardening and tearing caused by the loss of elasticity of the silicone after many years of manufacture.

 If your F Cup Sex Doll is not caused by hardening due to the age of the mini sex doll, it can actually be avoided as long as you pay attention to maintenance. Body powder is an important maintenance tool. Use talcum powder to prevent love dolls from tearing Baby powder is often used to reduce friction when changing clothes.

Of course, it is not only for changing clothes, but also to prevent the realistic sex dolls‘ skin from becoming rough due to friction when moving or doing actions. But this time, if you are like me, when the joints and other parts of the skin are in contact, you must ensure that the skin does not stick to each other. It also worked. Precautions for using baby powder Baby powder is basically used to reduce friction and wear, so it should be sprinkled all over the real doll’s body. On that note, I’ve been doing it in moderation, so there shouldn’t be a problem, and I imagine those who are about to get sex dolls or are already popular might be fine.

Also, even if there are unpainted parts, it doesn’t matter, so don’t be nervous. However, to prevent lacerations like this one, leaving even a small amount of paint on the joints (moving parts) could end up like mine. Having said that, I’m not saying “do the whole body without any gaps”, just where the skin touches each other, so it won’t take as much time to prevent it. BTW, as far as I’m concerned, all joints of flat chested sex doll are perfect, but for some reason my long hair covering her neck doesn’t suffer.

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