Though sex dolls are more and more preferred and also many people have accepted it, many sex doll proprietors still want to store it inconspicuously for personal privacy reasons. They do not want friends/parents or member of the family to discover them inadvertently. What’s even more, the sex doll is a big financial investment, you don’t wish to run the risk of harming her. It is essential to understand exactly how to keep your sex dolls secure.

Here at, you can have a look at some typical means to keep your small sex doll:

Bear in mind that regardless of which way you utilize, ensure to save your doll in the upright placement with her arms at her side.

1. Shop your sex doll in the closet

It’s advantageous to hang your sex dolls in the storage room as she’ll continue to be upright regularly, the body is stretched normally. If required, you can also put a lock on your storage room. You can purchase a mix hook package to hang it. Something like below:

2. Conceal it under your bed

People are far much less most likely to check out stuff under your bed. It’s rather safe to save your cheap sex doll this way. However please utilize a cushion or soft padding underneath prior to you put the doll in the storage container. Take care with the bed mattress or extra padding beneath, dark or unclean marks may discolor your doll’s skin. Adjustment her arm or leg placements in some cases if essential.

3. Storage sofa

If you have adequate budget, of course, a multipurpose footrest with lock is an optimum choice for you. Initially, it allows sufficient to keep your doll and accessories. Second, they remain in gorgeous design, which is a piece of decor in the house. You can secure it as well as nobody knows the secret inside the sofa.

Please keep your doll away from dirt, fire, extreme light as well as moisture. These will certainly reduce your doll’s lifespan.

There are lots of storage techniques for sex dolls. If you have any other better methods to store your sex doll. Welcome to leave us comments below. We rejoice to learn through you.

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