How to hide your sex doll

How to hide your sex doll

Other rooms:

Your sex toys can be kept safe in various rooms of your home. You can think of the laundry area as a place where you will find specialized items like the kettle. If something is wrong or needs fixing, you might need to take it out. You can lock it to make sure that it is not accessible.

Consider adding space to your home if this is impossible. This room will have so many boxes that no one will ever wonder what they are. The orientation of your box of shemale sex doll will be lost in the other boxes. Only you will find it.

You can’t prevent others from using the extra space. It can’t be locked up like a laundry area, so it is more vulnerable to being seen by others. You should choose a location that isn’t normal or that your family doesn’t use in normal circumstances. After use, pack your belongings in the bag and return it to you.

Use a travel case:

Your sex doll can be stored in travel cases or ATA bags. You may need to separate the different parts of your sex to keep it safe. These boxes can be moved around because they have wheels. These cases have the advantage of a lock, which will protect your doll from prying eyes.

Use the hard case in gold:

Perhaps you have never thought of using a hard case for your sex doll. You can hide small or large sex dolls in this case. These cases can be found in local markets or online. The case should be the same size as your sexy doll. You should also make sure to lock it after you have put it in a hard case.

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