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How to Handle, Move and Maintain Your Sex Doll?

Your beautiful cheap sex doll is here! Now you must be able to move the bbw sex doll around without hurting her. It is also important to learn how to care for your sexually explicit mini sex doll. She’s not as fragile, but you have to learn some tricks to care for her better!

Watch Out When You Unpack The Sex Doll

We’ve all felt the same way when you discover that your loved one has was here! If you make use of any tool for opening the box, be cautious while cutting into the cardboard box. Be patient The reward is close!

When she’s new baby body, her limbs may be somewhat stiff. After a few days of moving her, she’ll be perfectly fine. Be cautious when you attempt to get her out of the box. She could be quite heavy. It’s difficult in bending your back in order to get her out.

If you don’t require the box, take it apart, and then gently lift her out and put her in the bed or in a chair.

If you require the box, you can place her in a sitting in a sitting position. Then, lift her up using her armpit. This is much simpler.

Put your arm on her back, with the other arm under her legs, which must be bent. Make sure that your arms are centered and over her thighs while moving. One trick is to sit in an office chair that has wheels for moving her around.

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