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How To Get Better Oral Sex With Sex Dolls

If you can’t flip two love dolls the way you want due to lack of technique or uncertainty, try these tips. Remember, for most people, your willingness to take on the challenge is enough. We all just want and want to experience sex doll fun. The technique will improve over time, especially if you remember the first tip. But what I always remember is the shared joy you two have experienced since that moment.

Oral sex is not essential in a relationship because one of you has a penis. It’s designed for sexual pleasure, not coercion or criminal torso sex toys. Beyond that, if you want to give your love doll a great orgasm, or just want to improve your blowjob game, we have some tips to help you get better at blowjobs.

▼ say something

Regarding ItToo, many sex dolls think there is a way to look up. Incorrect. Everyone is enjoying something different. The methods that used to work with sex dolls don’t always work now. Tell the love doll what you like or “did you like this?” and they actually guarantee them a better experience. You’re not too interested in making mistakes, so you do too. Whether you’re speaking before, during, or after sexual pleasure, communication is key.

▼ slower

The description might include “work”, but if you go to D as if you want something objectionable, no one’s having fun. If you don’t like it, don’t. But if you think this is something you have to do fast, slow down! Take a moment to explore what your tongue can do with your sex doll’s penis. Please take your time. If you focus on the present moment together, things will be good for you and you.

▼ by hand

It’s easy to engage your hands in the movement of your tongue and learn the movements of your lips. But your hands are also invited to the party. This is especially true if the real sex doll‘s penis is long or thick. It also added a sense of not always focusing on his body parts, especially the testicles or perineum. Playing skills have been improved by moving the fingers slightly and speaking.

▼ Add sex dolls

Of course, did you have to mention adding a love doll? There are so many options, it’s all about shared happiness.

The cock ring makes him stronger and makes his orgasm more intense.

Adding a butt plug creates a sense of competition that brings joy in multiple directions (smart intent).

Using a finger vibrator or other small emotions can add stimulation without having to do all the work with the tongue alone. When your hand wanders, you increase his happiness.

▼ Don’t worry about deep opening

Too many people think only deepthroat is important in oral sex. Indeed, there is a sexy aesthetic that makes both of you feel fulfilled. However, in terms of pure sensation, the penis cannot differentiate between the inside of the throat and the inside of the cheek. If you use other senses – hands and sex toys – your throat won’t get lost. But if two people press D and turn on, don’t get in the way. Remember, this is not necessary for a good BJ.

▼ Please enter

There is something to be said about this topic. We said it above, and we’ll say it again. Don’t feel obligated to provide oral sex to a sex doll. However, if necessary, follow it. moaning her cock. Let’s drool on our own. Use your hands and your whole body. Knowing you want to be in this position with a love doll makes it more difficult and fun than ever. Even if you need more practice to play with your tongue.

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