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How to Dress Up Your Sex Doll to Make Her More Attractive

Sex doll tips

1) Bra

The first question is ask yourself, does your mini sex doll need to wear bras? Although they’re not required but some real sexual dolls have large breasts. Wearing a bra can prevent them from shrinking over time when they are kept in a straight position.

It’s an excellent idea to put nylons or stocks on your beloved cheap sex doll prior to dressing them , as silicone can be sticky and can make it difficult to put onto shoes and clothes directly on the skin.

) Clothes

If you’re purchasing new clothes, you should try to choose clothes which are a larger than you need, as clothes that are too tight could cause skin to be compressed.

You can always alter the size with pins later. For spandex or other fabrics that stretch smaller sizes are ideal. Keep your receipts in case you have to exchange sizes.

The right clothes for a sex doll will take you to the next step, and let you play out the most beloved fantasies in your own home. You can even find clothing for bbw sex doll that are designed specifically for your cosplay dreams. The sky is truly the limit.

Here are some of the most popular SEX DOLL COSTUMES suggestions.

Schoolgirl who is naughty

Imagine coming home to find a nasty schoolgirl waiting to be punished when you’re done working. This anime sex doll costume has tiny skirts and a top that is a match that you need to witness to be convinced.

A snarky nurse

If you’ve had a bad day, you’ll appreciate knowing she can be dressed with sexy nurse outfits.

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