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How to conceal sex dolls

A common question is how to store sex dolls. Many people require a hidden torso sex dolls because of their living situation. You should tell me directly. It is important to return a sexy doll that you have purchased. You must be careful and think twice before you forcefully hide a sex doll. Interacting with sex dolls should not be unpleasant to reduce the risk of injury.

This content can be a psychological burden if it has to be hidden. There are still covered storage options available, including simple wardrobes and extended storage sofas. These items can achieve the “hidden effect”. It is up to you to evaluate it.

How do you clean sex dolls

General cleaning

You can clean the doll with a damp towel and some shower gel if it is covered in dirt or dust. You can also use a cleaning oil to clean dirt from the sex doll. The cleansing oil may remain if you are unable to remove it. It is possible to dye the stain if it becomes stained (explained further). If there is a lot of dirt on the doll, it can be dyed. You might consider taking the sex doll to use the bathroom. The temperature of the water can be a concern. It can be absorbed by human skin just as easily. Acceptable for temperature dolls. The bbw sex dolls is made of temperature-sensitive TPE. Don’t “sterilize”, overheated TPE (70° or higher). High temperatures can cause TPE materials to deform.

After use, sex doll cleaning

Most often, the anus, mouth and private parts of sex dolls can be used. The majority of the parts can be used. Some sex doll brands only have one or two functions. It doesn’t matter what brand sex doll you choose. Their anus or mouth must be “one-piece”. Although the internal channel and main body can be separated, the private part of the mouth or anus must not be.

It doesn’t matter how clean you do it. Cover the doll with a towel and let it dry. To avoid scratching the body’s surface, don’t rub too hard. The inner tunnel can be squeezed with a paper towel and dried with a roll. After sex dolls dry. To ensure that sex dolls have optimal skin contact, remember to use powder.

High-quality sex dolls require regular maintenance

Sex dolls’ bodies will continue to leak oil. The situation will vary depending on the type of affordable love dolls. Oil production of high-quality sex toys has slightly increased. The oil production of dolls made from TPE is evidently higher than that of those made from regular petroleum. Oil can cause discomfort (squeaky, sticky) and is easy to collect dust after filling. The doll’s soft and smooth touch must be maintained. It is important to maintain the doll’s smooth and soft touch. It is easy to maintain your doll. Use commercially available hazelnut powder, baby puffs, and evenly sprinkle the powder onto the sex doll.

Tips for intimate relationships:

You can buy hazelnut powder (talcum powder), from better brands. After repair, the doll’s smell and feel will remain intact.

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