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How to conceal and store a sexy doll?

While a sex doll can be an excellent method to fill a gap in your life or to make your life more exciting however, many don’t opt to purchase a doll because they’re scared that someone else will be able to be able to see her. The good news is that many sex dolls come with hooks on their necks, which can be put in the closet. When you hang your doll’s body as clothing, you allow it to be in its natural position with her feet not being able to touch the floor. Additionally when they are in this position, dolls are protected from the sun’s rays and any potential damage that may occur.

Additionally storage of your doll this manner can shield her from the prying eyes of curious people. This is definitely an extremely effective methods to keep your flat chest sex doll in a safe place since it’s not a huge space and is secure and secure. If you have an assortment of realistic sex dolls might want to consider storing them in a bigger closet or in a cabinet made of chrome since it is strong enough to handle any weight.

Here are some possible ways to place your mini sex doll while you are storing them:

Laying Position

If you’re trying to protect your cheap sex doll from damage most likely the best place is lying down on the bed. However, this is only a temporary solution and won’t be able to shield your doll from prying eyes. However, who doesn’t want snuggling and kissing in their bedroom? If you choose to keep your teen sex doll beside you on your bed, ensure that your bedroom isn’t in the direct sun and hot temperatures to avoid exposing the doll to damage.

Sitting Position

If you don’t have the space for storage or closet, it is time to begin thinking about alternative ways to keep your doll safe and protect it from danger. One option is sitting in a chair or on the ground. Which one is the best choice or not is dependent on the body shape. For instance If your doll has an extremely stable skeleton that holds many positions, the sitting position shouldn’t pose an issue. If, however, your doll isn’t able to hold a strong and solid skeleton, it might alter her position ( it is usually the case if they’re cheaper and less expensive ones) that causes them to fall off in the chairs from time time. In these instances you may want to consider fixing your dolls in some way. Be cautious with fixing because it can create pressure on the doll and result in damage to certain body components. Remember that when you are in storage mode, it should be free of any additional pressure.

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