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How to Clean the Sex Doll Wig Well

cheaning method of sex doll wig


It is important to wash your wig regularly. depends on the material used in the hair wig (synthetic as well as real). Although synthetic wigs do not hold more oil in real hair but you must wash them every now and then to get rid of the dust that has accumulated.

The wig must remove from mini sex doll‘s head prior to cleaning.

It is recommended that you give your wig a comb prior to cleaning it, starting from one of the edges first.

It’s the easiest way to clean it by using a hand basin or the bath can be beneficial for hair that is very long.

Use warm water, and deep enough to completely submerge the hair. Beware of hot water as it can damage the skin layer of your teen sex doll.

Apply a shampoo and submerge the wig in water. Add a little shampoo and then gently submerge the wig into the water. Allow the wig to sit at least a couple of moments before cleaning.

Clean it with gentle water to prevent developing knots again in the hair.

Take the wig off and wash it off with clean, running water. Take the wig out of the soapy water, and rinse it off with clean, fresh water.

Then squeeze it gently, and dry the hair. Make sure to squeeze gently to avoid tangling the wig. Use dry towels to dry the hair.

The wig should be cleaned and hung the wig to air dry. After that, brush the wig lightly before hanging it up in a cool and dry location. For the best results, set the hair on a stand, if you can.

Do not let the wig dry on the anime sex doll‘s head.

Do not use products for hair for styling hair as they could cause harm to cheap sex doll‘s skin as well as face.

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