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How to clean sex dolls?


Cleaning and washing your sex doll need not take a lot of time when you are equipped with the proper tools and are proficient in all steps. Here are some suggestions and tools we suggest you utilize in order to ensure that your doll is clean and clean.

When should I wash my Sex doll?

1. We suggest that you clean your flat chested sex doll prior to the first time you make use of it.

2. Wash your doll well at least once every 30 days.

3. Cleanse your doll’s vagina orifices of the oral and anus, and the dirty areas after each single use.

Use the right methods to cleanse your beloved doll:


Liquid soap that is mild or an antibacterial soap


Vaginal irrigator

A soft fabric (ideally Microfiber) or sponge

Dry a soft, dry towel or the chamois cloth

Powder (corn starch or baby powder)

Baby oil


Dolls can be washed by showering or bath. Make sure to follow the following guidelines to clean them.

1. Wash the teen sex doll‘s hair and remove doll’s hair. it in a separate manner

2. Take out the vagina insert, in the event that it is needed. The insert can be cleaned in soapy water that is anti-bacterial and then dried completely.

3. Use warm water, not hot water for cleaning your beloved japanese sex doll since hot water can harm your doll.

4. Place your doll’s a towel on an area bed. Use mild liquid soap to massage the doll’s skin using your fingers. After that, wipe it clean with a gentle sponge or a soft cloth.

5. It’s okay to put your child in the bathing or showering with her. Make sure to make sure to use a towel to keep her from being on the bathtub or floor directly , in the event of any scratches.

6. Do not submerge or spray water on the head of your doll because the metal parts of the head could be damaged. It is recommended to remove heads from bodies prior to when you shower for dolls.

7. Dolls that are wet can be slippery, so be careful when holding your dolls.

8. Place them on the towels of a bench or bed to dry her off. don’t use a hairdryer for a long time to blow your doll dry. You could try spreading the legs out and using the small fan to speed drying.

9. When your doll is dried, apply baby powder on the body and then apply baby oil (not excessively) to massage the entire body. It takes time to absorb the oil, therefore you’ll have to let it sit for a couple of hours.

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