How to Clean Flat Chested Sex Doll?

Normal models: 40 degrees Celsius water is ideal for shower gel, bathing, laundry detergent, soap and laundry detergent can all be washed. If you find a stain that is stubborn then you can clean them with cleaning oil or request the manufacturer to provide the white oil that can be used to wipe.

Sound-heating models: Water is allowed to enter the neck otherwise , it could cause rust that will impact the design and usage. The anus and the vagina must be cleansed frequently with the non-toxic cleaner provided by the maker. The ball is waterproof within the vagina that is secured to the screw by glue. It could fall off due to excessively rinsing. If it does fall off by accident dry the vagina and reconnect it.

1.The sex doll needs to be cleaned once every 10-20 days using moderate shower foam. The head must be cleaned and removed in separate ways. Make sure to keep the head away from any water.

2. Dry the doll with the towel. it off after washing it and apply some bath powder powder. Don’t make use of the blow-dryer for blowing out the cheap sex doll.

3.Use the damp towel to gently clean your face. Make sure to do it gently.

4. Wash with mild shampoo the hair. Allow the wig to dry naturally.

5. Suggestion: dress up in the clothes of the teen sex doll and clean it.

6. If you notice any wounds we recommend you get in touch with us to arrange for special treatment. We assure you that there no marks that remain and the repair will last for a long time.

7.You must take care when moving the doll since it’s quite heavy. Do not make it appear as if the flat chest sex doll has been to fall, be knocked down or damaged.

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