How to Choose the Right Temperature for Your Love Doll

Pay attention to your doll. Small holes can allow water to seep into bone fragments and the inside of the doll. This could cause internal deformations, important joints, and bone fractures. If your doll has feet, you should not shower her because the water could get on the bones and penetrate the bones. To prevent mildew and corrosion, you should not immerse the neck in water.

Don’t let the open flame go out. Take a bath with your mini sex doll and enjoy the romance. However, you should never bathe your toy. If you’re decent with her, she’ll offer you the services she purchased for you, and beyond that, she will travel with you in other ways.

Before you put the girl in the tub, make sure to remember almost all of these details. You will avoid any damage or reduction by using the correct water temperature to ensure the best silicone love doll. You can also visit our realistic sex toys care tips to learn more about the dos and don’ts of sexual intercourse dolls.

It is amazing how many bizarre facts and figures one can find about the sexual intercourse dolls that are currently in fashion. These are some facts you probably don’t know about sex dolls:

While most teen sex doll owners use their dolls for their own pleasure, some men see them as their true companions. Sawzag Carter from The state of Michigan is a great example. He not only married a sextoy he affectionately calls Sidor but also had a mistress named Elena who was the sextoy. Sidore Kuroneko is Davecat’s wife. She was the love doll that Abyss Creations created for him. It costs approximately $ 6, 000. Sidore and Davecat are not legally married. However, they have coordinating wedding rings and plan to hold a ceremony to celebrate their 15th anniversary.

Hermosa, 21 years old, is a university student looking for someone to go with her on her life journey. Her body was pierced over 20 years ago as a virgin mobile. Linda will finally be ready. She began, “I was raised in a religious home where I was forbidden from spending time with boys.” The fact that their school was not in the same city as their home made her parents extra vigilant throughout her childhood.

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