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How to choose a sex doll?

1.Choose by price

Choose a love doll that you can afford. We don’t want our customers to be in debt for buying a sex doll in the next few months. There are many prices for love dolls. First, consider the upper limit of the price you can accept.

As I have said many times, the price of a lover doll depends on the material, height and body type. Generally speaking, cheap sex dolls are recommended to lover dolls for beginners. The weight is moderate and there are many cute girls made of high-quality TPE materials. Even if you regret it the first time you try it, it is not a price to go bankrupt, and it is a more affordable option.
Of course, if you are not worried about money, you are free to choose your favorite love doll. Every love doll has a customized item, so please add the functions you want and customize it into a more ideal female image. You can choose hair, eye color, skin tone, etc. according to your preferences.

2.Determined by the material

Love dolls are usually made of silicone or TPE and sold. These two materials have their own merits, after all, the purchase must be decided according to the customer’s requirements.

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3.Choose according to the purpose of buying love dolls

Lover dolls have various uses besides having sex. It can be said that the purpose of buying varies from person to person. If you just consider buying a love doll as a sexual partner, it would be too wasteful. Aiwawa can not only exude sexual desire, but also become a source of soul and give people a sense of satisfaction.

・ Night buddies

Can’t get along with a woman because I know someone. I miss her. You cannot have satisfactory sex with your lover or wife. I cannot leave customs. This love doll will solve all these problems. No matter how shy you are, you can be with Aiwa every day, and unlike humans, you don’t have to worry about disappearing suddenly. Even if you don’t spend a lot of money to go to customs, Aiwawa can satisfy all your desires every night. Having sex with Aiwawa can be a pervert that a real woman can’t do, or it can have selfish sex to make you feel satisfied with sex.

As you continue to have sex with Aiwawa, your sex skills will steadily improve so that you can gain confidence in sex. For a man, it is a dream to enjoy as much sex as possible with his ideal female.

・ Photography

People who like photography and often go to take photos with idols can enjoy the fun of photographing ideal women at home without leaving home. Maid outfits, uniforms, etc., you can wear as many outfits as you like. In addition, unlike the mannequin, the pose of each photo can be changed. An exclusive album full of dreams for Love Dolls will be an irreplaceable treasure.

・Dating with sex dolls

Sex dolls For men who are far away from women, loving dolls will not be sexual partners, but beloved lovers. Put your love doll on your favorite clothes, put it in a wheelchair, go to various places, take pictures together outside, and have fun, just like a real date with her. With a date that you could not date before, you can enjoy a love you have never had before. Lover dolls have a small financial burden for dating, so it is an advantage to enjoy romance at a low cost. Your date with Aiwawa may be the best time you have ever had. Read more: Introducing 5 recommended items that are relaxed and romantic with True Love Dolls

・Accompany as family

For a man who lives alone with the sex doll family, some people may feel upset that no one is at home when they return home. You can get rid of this anxiety by buying love dolls. Staying at home gives you peace of mind, because Aiwa will be waiting for you. I think the sense of security that someone is waiting for you will give you peace of mind. Even for men who are not good at establishing relationships with women, a lover doll can always bring you a sense of security. Read more: The benefits of choosing a lover doll compared to a real woman!

4.Determined by factors such as taste and intuition

For example, if the sexual goal is cute or loli and other girls’ love dolls, you can choose according to your taste.
For the purpose of masturbation, you can make the child (love doll) naked, or you can use it to fantasize and simulate clothes playing.
In addition, based on your intuition, you might think “I want this love doll” and choose such a pattern.
Of course, there are also people who are not only for sex, but also for the desire of “this child is super cute…”, who will decide whether the visual effect of the love doll is good or bad.
For artistic purposes, you are looking for an elaborate love doll.
People’s tastes are different, the focus of choosing a love doll will also be different.