How to care for your silicone sex doll

How to care for your silicone sex doll

Proper care is crucial for sex doll ownership. Your small sex doll‘s life will be extended by taking good care of her. Here’s our guide for keeping silicone dolls in great condition.

Cleaning your doll:

Your doll should be cleaned frequently after contact with bodily fluids. This can be done in the shower using warm water and mild soap. Not putting doll’s heads in the shower is a bad idea. I suggest cleaning them separately. You can do this with a damp cloth and mild shampoo.

To remove any excess moisture, dry the sex doll with a towel after washing. Avoid using a hair dryer, as too much heat can cause skin damage.

After drying your doll, apply baby powder. This is an optional, but highly recommended option. This will dry out any moisture left on the doll’s skin and make it soft and pleasant.

You can remove make-up with warm water and a damp cloth. To dry her face, you can use a towel made of paper or a dry cloth.

Wash the wig separately using a mild shampoo. Dry love doll on a flat surface. You could damage your hair by using a hair dryer.

Keeping your doll safe: offers some of the best dolls on sale, which is a good thing. To avoid any bumps, scratches, or falls, we recommend that you move your doll carefully.

You should also keep your doll away from direct sunlight, heat, or extreme cold.

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