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How To Care For Sex Dolls After Use

Physical Doll Care

vaginal cleaning

There are special vaginal cleansers that can actually be used in the mouth and anus. Inexpensive cleaners are available online. It doesn’t leave marks like blotting paper after using the cleaner, so it can be blown off with a hair dryer after cleaning. In fact, you can take advantage of all kinds of product love doll photos and products that are popular and viewed around the world. Use more than one if you like to clean, but don’t forget to use neutral products. If you don’t know how to tell the difference, please contact customer service. The mouth is the same as the vagina, so just wash it carefully. Of course, just wash in the shower. You can kiss her on the mouth, but don’t forget to rinse your mouth later if you have bad breath.

makeup remover

We recommend olive oil, which can be removed with a makeup remover, but olive oil is everything. A pack of several hundred yen works well too. Indeed, many people say that washing eyebrows is not easy, because few people can always draw eyebrows easily. If you buy something special that can be exchanged, including your eyes, the whole character changes instantly. There are a lot of wigs online and the bright colors are beautiful. Don’t envy other people’s dolls. Love Doll Videos Everyone cherishes them. The best pocket sex dolls are useless if you don’t take good care of them. It will take some time at first, but once you get used to it, you will love it. Real dolls are softer than inflatable dolls, so I think the average person can use makeup instead of lipstick.

SM’s question is right, but the puppet player still has some advice. A doll’s skeleton is not everything. There is a range of activities, but if it is broken, it will be sent for repair, so it is very embarrassing. Folks, if you need super experience, you can force her to rip her clothes. The latest love doll TPE is not easy to tear, even if there are claw marks, it will return to its original state. If you have silicone, it usually doesn’t bounce, the damage is irreversible, and nail marks are less noticeable, so don’t overdo it.

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