How to Care for sex dolls after they are used

Shower her

Your cheap sex dolls is just as important as you are. You can wash your doll’s skin by her side. Hot water can cause skin damage to the doll’s skin. For TPE dolls, it is best to use water at a medium temperature. Avoid soaking the doll’s head in water or putting it in the bath. This could cause rusting and damage. Before giving the doll a bath, take off its head if you can. Do not place the small sex doll on the bath floor.

Make sure to clean the holes

It is important to clean the holes (i.e. When using the japanese sex doll, it is important to clean the holes, i.e. To avoid infection and contamination, you must clean the doll thoroughly. Before you purchase 158cm anime-sex dolls from Indiana, you should know that the doll must be cleaned. You will need to clean the doll’s openings by placing it in a position that exposes its vagina and buttocks.

Use warm water and mild liquid cleaner to clean the wipes. Use clinical forceps to hold the wipe and clean your hindquarters as well as the vagina. After this, use a clean cloth to wipe the wounds with warm water. Use a dry cloth to clean the area. You can also clean your mouth using a similar process.

Water-based lubricants are best

When having sex on a doll, it is essential to use ointments. Some greases may not be suitable for doll skin. Silicone-based oils can cause damage to TPE. It is best to avoid using silicone-based lubricants. Water-based ointments can be used for adult silicone dolls. You also have the option of using Vaseline or children’s oil. These products will be able to meet your requirements and won’t cause any damage to your doll.

Use microfiber towels

Do not use a hair dryer to dry your doll’s skin. Instead, dry it with microfiber towels. After the bath, you should allow the doll to dry at room temperature.

Oil the doll

Many men love life-sized sex dolls. To their dismay, they must be oiled at least once per month. Cornstarch-based powder for children is also available.

These tips will ensure that your doll stays in top shape. You can keep your sex doll clean while still allowing her to be beautiful.

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