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How To Avoid Fake Love Dolls?

What is a fake sex doll?
“Fake Dolls” are fake life size love dolls that are not made in the original factory (. These real sex dolls do not meet quality standards and external similarity. The TPE used in these Lover RealDolls is of poor quality and totally unsuitable for long term use, fast Damage is inevitable. In addition, untested materials are often circulated and can cause severe skin irritation and damage. The metal skeletons of these real-life dolls, often with imperfect internal structures and insufficient protection, are lightly applied and have sharp edges that can be pushed Go in, so the risk of injury will be higher.

Verdict: Shocking quality, incomprehensible real sex doll head-to-body resemblance (very different in size and weight!), rapid wear and tear make these real sex dolls a very bad investment.

How to identify a life-size fake doll?
For you as a customer, price is often the deciding factor in choosing the right sex doll supplier for you. However, behind many attractive real dolls and real doll deals, there are suppliers who do not offer the items shown in the pictures, so cheap real love doll deals are always the right choice. Note that this is not always the case. . For many years, we have had a direct business relationship with WM Dolls, offering the best conditions in Japan and Europe. Therefore, if you find a much lower offer than ours on the Internet, you should pay attention to the following additional matters and be notified as follows:

  • Where do the sellers come from? (On Amazon in particular, many Chinese competitors offer fake and genuine sex dolls, which are subject to import sales tax and duties after purchase. In many cases, there are no additional services after purchase.)
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