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How To Avoid Dirt On TPE Real Sex Dolls

It may darken dark clothing or wrist skin. I shared a tutorial on how to remove TPE stains caused by something. Dirt penetrates too much to wash off with soap or water. But the most important thing is prevention. Never get to the point where you have to put your hand on your head when the dirt shows up.

So what can you do to avoid dirt? Here are some tips: If this is your first time wearing clothes, wash them before wearing them. If clothes can release pigment, they tend to release fewer marks after one or more washes.

Always choose quality clothing. Flat chest sex doll are generally more brittle, and the higher the garment quality, the less fading. Avoid dark clothing. The allure might be too much, but you can’t get that rock or goth look without it. In this case, don’t let dark clothes stay for more than a few hours, enough time to take pictures and enjoy the doll. Please delete it when finished.

Watch out for wigs! Dark wigs can stain the doll’s head if worn for long periods of time, especially if the head-sized ribbon is appropriate. Bright or blond wigs are the best way to keep your wig on for a long time. If you can’t avoid stains in all of these directions, as mentioned earlier, it’s best to use a little TPE stain remover. Our partners are always ready and deserve to be in good shape because they can’t always take care of themselves and need your attention and attention. These maintenance and preventive procedures are part of what it means to live with a realistic sex doll and have certain limitations that are part of the game.

If you want to dress without using a sex doll, always wear white or light-colored clothing. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. The best clothes are a little looser. Likewise, don’t leave your clothes taut for too long if you can’t help it.

Dirt is a nightmare for all small sex doll lovers! I think we are all scared to see the black spot on our wrist and have no idea how it happened, we are all blinded! If the doll gets soiled, the chemistry isn’t entirely clear, but it has to do with the fact that TPE is slightly porous and the dye stays “inside the wrist” if the clothes fade a little. Think. However, the images in this post are exaggerated and dramatic and care should be taken every day to avoid such large blobs. Just follow the advice and don’t abuse dark clothing.

Apparently the problem is the oil that releases the TPE. Once penetrated into the tissue, the lure is released and absorbed by the TPE. In fact, clothes are more or less immune to TPE oil attack, at least they are, as they commented that there are ways to prevent it with a mixture of vinegar, water, and salt. ..

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