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How To Avoid Being Ripped Off When Buying A Sex Doll

With the advancement of technology, makers are now able to create realistic love dolls with an element of reality. But, due to its popularity it also comes with challenges. There are scammers everywhere, and especially on the internet. They’re equipped to the max and are ready to take you off.

If you purchase a real-life sexually explicit doll, you could be vulnerable to two kinds of fraud. First, and the most prevalent one is buying fake dolls. Another scam is when you bought the teen sex doll, but didn’t receive it in any way.

However, help is available! Here are five methods to help you avoid getting scammed when you purchase a sexy doll.

1. Do not buy a doll that is cheap!

There aren’t many $800 top-quality full-size sex dolls available. The mini sex doll that cost less are usually made of inferior quality. The breasts aren’t of the proper shape, size or are too stiff. The head may not be real enough.

Be logical. The cost must be in line with the item. For instance, full-size silicone dolls are more expensive than dolls made of rubber. If you think the price is too promising to be real the chances are it’s an rip-off. It’s that simple. (Learn more details about the japanese sex doll Best Price Guarantee)

2. Always ensure that the dolls are in good hands.

Cheap dolls could cause damage to the body. In general, the cheap sex dolls are made of various materials. For instance, they might be made from jelly, plastic or PVC. It’s difficult to identify the exact materials used in the cheapest dolls, however many of them are made from harmful chemicals. Make sure to know what materials they’re made of and make sure they’re safe.

3. Find your love dolls from reliable vendors and manufacturers.

If you discover the store selling dolls from a specific manufacturer (main ones include AL Doll, WM Doll, QIDoll …), please verify if they have an authorized authorization from the manufacturer. If not, you should be cautious.

4. You should ensure that you are able to easily reach them via phone or via email.

If you shop on AliExpress or other online store, make certain that the telephone number and email address are clearly written on their websites. If they do not respond quickly or answer your phone, don’t bother to call them (or do not return your call when you leave a message when they are closed) and then forget about the store.

5. Make sure you use the most secure methods of payment

The crime of scamming can be found in nearly every transaction that involves the transfer of funds , or any other method of wealth. Anyone could be an innocent victim. Be sure to verify the payment method accepted by the seller , and select the most secure one.

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