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How Safe Is The Delivery Of Teen Sex Doll?

The majority of real-life sex dolls that we have on our site are teen sex dolls that have flatches There are a lot of people who like these dolls and are eager to purchase them. However they are extremely concerned about delivery times as well as tariffs and other issues with these cheap sex doll. In the last article, we discussed the countries that we can ship, the countries that we cannot ship, as well as the shipping process. This article will focus on the delivery of teenage sexually explicit dolls. If you’re one those, then this article can help ease all of your worries. Buy your preferred doll with ease. After you read it there is no need to look up the same information on different websites.

Shipping is essential for a sex doll particularly for a teen flat chest and mini sex dolls. We’ll suggest the “Secure Special Line” transportation techniques to our customers so they can receive their sex dolls in a discreet and secure manner.

for European customers:

To safeguard European customers in their privacy, we’ve chosen to use a “secure way” for shipping the teen sex dolls to them: “Secure Special Line”:

Step 1: Following the payment has been received your purchase will be sent via airfreight straight to our facility in Hungary and we’ll make use of our own name for custom clearing and pay the tax. That means you do not have to pay the customs process and pay tax costs.

Step 2: Once your doll is delivered to our warehouse the warehouse QC will inspect the package again to for any issues Then we contact UPS to ship the package to the desired destination. you can track your delivery status online once UPS arrives to pick up the package. The delivery time will be approximately 10-15 working days. Another thing to note, once your teen sex doll is delivered to the country you reside in, UPS will call you prior to ship your “package”(nobody is sure what’s the contents) at your home address. Then, you can speak with them about the best time for delivery, so that you won’t have to worry about delivery if you’re on the move or don’t have the time to take it in when it arrives.

The suit is suitable for these countries:

UK, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland.

To USA and Japan customers:

There is no issue at present with shipping, all mini sex doll is able to be shipped to USA and Japan safely and discreetly. If there’s no specific demand, we’ll find the best shipping method.

Other places to look:

For example, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India We also offer other special lines of credit that include tax and custom clear.

If your country is outside of the above mentioned range Please contact us for information on the availability of our products and verify shipping prior to placing an the order.

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