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How Much Would You Pay For A Sex Doll?

This is the quality of love dolls we are proud of. We certainly can’t brag about how big our brand is. However, what we can say is that our quality is better so far. How much are you willing to spend on a sex doll right now? For the so-called “big brands”, I would like to give you some options. this is correct! We know it’s less than halfway through.

Sex toys are a new type of toys that can regulate sexual interest. It can improve sexually frigid women, dysfunctional men or middle-aged couples with sexual difficulties. It is also a toy for young couples. Therefore, modern people should stop looking at sex toys, lifelike dolls or other sex toys with colored eyes and look at these products from the perspective of love and interest.

Whether your Valentine’s Day is good or bad may depend on whether your partner lives up to expectations. Every relationship has this problem to some extent, but one group of men ruled out unpredictability. They are people who date sex dolls. Sex dolls are often seen as cynics for women, and the men who use them are seen as solitary perverts running wild in plastic holes.

The real doll is made of medical grade silicone resin material, which has the characteristics of environmental protection medical grade safety, high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, good colorability, soft hand feeling, weather resistance, fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance and so on. A real doll, the material is very close to the softness and deformability of meat. The joints are perfectly deformed, and the face can be very human-like or even confused. Real dolls can stand or be placed in various positions, and their hands and feet can be bent.

Compared with the silicone inflatable doll, the fleshy texture of the real doll is stronger. The real-life doll has a stainless steel frame with a silicone outer layer, which has a real sensuality and elasticity. Because there are keels in it, you can pose in many shapes, you can think of her as your intimate lover, she also has the characteristics of a lover, sexy, charming, beautiful or tight. But the real doll is made of silicone, so the cost of the real doll is very high, and it cannot be folded and stored like ordinary inflatable dolls, which is inconvenient to store.

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