How Much Does Temperature Affect TPE Sex Dolls

When you initially touch a sex doll made from TPE product, you will certainly experience the touch of TPE material, which is unmatched by various other products. However have gamers ever before considered the most effective temperature level for storing TPE sex dolls? ALDOLL gives answers for every person.

At ALDOLL, our product master recommends looking after sex doll like human skin. TPE product is sensitive to temperature level (cool and warmth). Nonetheless, for most individuals, what is the temperature resistance of this substance polymer material? There is no clear temperature array for a long time.

According to the details of product referral information, the industry typically believes that the storage space temperature level series of TPE materials can be kept in between -40 ℃ and also 60 ℃, however there is no proof or research study that this value array is right.

According to ALDOLL’s arbitrary testing of materials, the data shows that it is needed to prevent cleaning TPE realistic sex doll with water exceeding 70 ° C. Warm water or high-temperature hot water will cause the TPE product to lose security and cause melting. Such a situation is similar to the situation that occurs on human skin. When our skin is damaged by heats, it will certainly make the skin very fragile, triggering peeling or burns.

TPE is essentially an extremely soft product, and also it can be stretched to 5-10 times the size of an excellent completed item. As soon as the inner security is destroyed, it will be permanent, unlike silica gel that can stand up to greater temperatures without harming its physical structure.

On top of that, the effect of low temperature level on the TPE product is not as significant as the effect of heat. Just like human beings, the skin of sex dolls will certainly feel stiff under low-temperature problems, and also the “variation” of the doll itself will also be subdued. If the mini sex doll is placed in an extremely cold setting, its product will end up being rigid as well as no more soft.

Compared to temperature, high temperature will certainly ruin the physical structure of TPE, while the low temperature is various, low temperature level will just briefly trigger worldly failing. When the doll is reminded the correct temperature, the original tightness will gradually go away and also return to its original state.

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