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How Much Do Sex Dolls Weigh?

How much does a true love doll weigh? The actual weight of your luxury sex doll.

One of the factors to consider when buying a real sex doll is its weight. As you know, the main problem with a life-size sex doll is its weight.

From 12kg 100cm mini sex dolls to life-size luxury love dolls over 55kg, it’s important to remember that they are self-weight and have no muscles or electronic systems.

The weight is distributed over the length, making it difficult to grip the sex doll. Many people underestimate the weight when buying and try to stay away from life-size love dolls.

To help you understand the weight of a specific love doll, we’ve created a small comparison table with everyday items and equipment. If you can’t easily lift the corresponding object and move it from place to place, tell yourself it’s almost like a luxurious sex doll.

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