How is silicone and TPE made into sex dolls?

Many people want to know how the process of making mini sex doll works. To make your fantasies more vivid, we will describe the steps involved in making sex toys.

1. First design phase

At this stage, anything is possible. The design is usually completed by a team of designers who work together using computers. Here are your custom orders.

2. Making the mold

Designers create a reusable mold. For special requests, it may even be possible to make a mold directly from an actual person.

3. Making the mold

The material is then poured into the mold containing the skeleton. Once it cools, the material can be poured. Because everything is final, it is impossible to alter the thickness of the joints.

4. Customization

Each size breast or buttock has its own mould. It is impossible to specify that you want a particular girl with larger breasts. Manufacturers will need to create a new mold and begin the process from scratch in this instance.

The only customization that is possible at this stage of the process is to alter the eye colour and the wig, as well as any other parts.

This video will show you how to make silicone sex doll and TPE.

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