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How gorgeous are belly nails and earrings? Learn how to punch a the sex doll

Method 1: “puncture”

This is because when you are in an area with an easy entrance location and an exit all you need to do is make a puncture.

Choose the location that you would like to punch (draw small circles in the area using the pencil).

Take a measurement of the width of the needle punctured and then find a more puncture teen sex doll (ensure that the size of your needle for puncture is similar (or slightly less)

Make sure you place the needle in the designated area and then firmly press it down until the point of the needle goes through it.

Put the earring or pendant on the mini sex doll‘s hole.

Method 2: “kneading”

This technique is best used for areas that are not completely penetrated, for example, the navel area, where the needle is not able to exit clearly.

Again, pick the location you’d like to punch.

Determine how long the hole, and make an effort to mark the entry and exit points of your heart.

Grab each point using your forefinger and thumb and grasp it.

The needle should go through the needle.

Once both holes are opened You can then place your ornament in the perforation zone.

What are the most beautiful the belly nails and earrings? Show you how to punch cheap sex doll

Perforation guidelines

Although TPE is a soft material, it doesn’t mean it is the perfect material. It isn’t feasible to harm the japanese sex doll‘s body using a needle, perforation could create some risk. Some metals don’t react with TPE, and this could result in markings that appear like human skin rashes.

What metals trigger the reaction is not completely researched, but there is a basic rule to remember: stay away from products that aren’t worth the price. Sex dolls are costly realistic sex dolls that should treat it as a piece of art. It is believed that there are inexpensive pigments in the skin of a few metals, that can penetrate in the pores of a a sex dolls. Gold, or silver, is among the most safe metals. If you are able to choose one of these there is no problems.

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