How do you “try before you buy” an Sex doll

Best Sex Dolls

How do you “try before you buy” an sex doll

1. Renting sex dolls

This is most likely the best alternative, but it’s this is also the most difficult options to implement. It is necessary to find out if there’s a rental service for sex dolls or a petite sex doll brothel located within your local area and then check out this list of reputable brothels for sex dolls. There aren’t many however if you do find one, you’ll enjoy the most enjoyable pre-purchase experience by being able to play with a life-size sex doll that is similar to the one you’re thinking of buying.

2. Purchase a lesser product such as Male Masturbator

If you’re not ready to commit to spending more than $1000 on a real-life sex doll , but you want to try it out, you can invest less in an adolescent male masturbator to test it out for yourself. They are constructed of the same material as larger shemale sex dolls, and usually originate from the same maker. They provide the same feelings when using the item, which means it is easy to tell whether you’ll like this or not. The option is always an initial amount and if you don’t enjoy the product, you just have to shell out just a few hundred dollars, instead of paying additional.

3. Porn and sexual doll videos

If you’re searching for the most affordable and simplest way to experience the pleasure of owning and play with a sex doll You should look through some porn videos of sex dolls. provides a vast collection of porn videos for free that can give you an idea of what’s possible with your sexually explicit doll. The videos, rather than just photos of the product will reveal the motion and the behavior of the TPE or silicone material. It will also show the most popular positions and decide if sexing with a doll of sex is something you’re interested in.

There are downloaders that evaluate specific dolls so that you will be able to view exactly the doll which appeals to you. For example, here’s an image of a woman with Lana in Silicon Wives.

4. Find other owners of sex dolls.

This fourth option is totally free however it will require some effort from you. It is necessary to study previous and current owners of dolls and get their views regarding sex dolls, and what you can be expecting. The best method to accomplish this is to look for online forums where sex doll owners meet. The most popular online community for dolls that are sex can be found at The Doll Forum. If you register an account and then post your queries there, you’re likely to receive great answers by caring members.

Best Sex Dolls

5. Find a bricks and mortar store

The last option is to find bricks and mortar store within your region. It’s not possible to “try on” the sex dolls however, you will be able to at the very least look them up on the floor and touch the fabric.

In the end, there’s no one perfect answer, but by following the steps listed above, you’ll be able to have an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of having dolls that sex.

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