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How do you store your sex dolls best?

Your doll will be safe if she is kept in a cool area. It is best to place your doll in a sitting or lying position. However, she should not be wearing any tight clothing or dark fabrics for too long. The doll’s skin may be stained by dark fabrics if they are exposed to them for a long time.

TPE dolls may absorb water through pores. This is also true for silicone versions. Although silicone doll skin is not porous, water can still seep through through small holes, bolts, or other inconspicuous openings. Mold accumulation and rust can occur if water passes through these holes. It is important to take care of your big butt sex doll and protect it.

Avoid these main points when storing sex toys

1 Do not contact with dark fabrics. If they come in contact for too long, they can stain the skin.

2 Dolls that are stored in tight clothing elastic bands or similar may develop permanent marks or dents.

3 Sunlight-The sun can cause her skin and facial features to fade unevenly.

4Extreme temperature-The doll’s temperature may change over time. These temperatures must be extreme, so there is no need to worry. However, extreme low temperatures and sub-freezing temperatures should be avoided.

Regular cleaning can help reduce harmful elements.

Maintaining your tranny sex doll is important. TPE is porous than silicone and retains moisture more easily than silicone. It cannot be technically sterilized as it will cause damage to the TPE material. It is not recommended to sterilize the doll if you don’t want to risk stains or mold. If you’re willing to put in a little effort, you can make sure that your doll remains in its original condition for a long period of time. Mini sex dolls can be kept clean to reduce the risk of infection and rashes. You only need to be willing and able to make a routine.

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