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How do you determine the type of silicone used in your doll?

The first thing to note is that all the reliable manufacturers, utilize high-quality silicone sources. It is difficult to find a reliable manufacturer who uses cheap Chinese silicone. The most reputable manufacturers, such as QIDoll, ALDOLL, WM Doll silicone series, Piper, Starpery etc. all make use of premium platinum silicone that is imported from the United States.

The most efficient way to locate flat chested sex doll that are made from the low-grade silicone is to visit websites offering silicone sex dolls under $1000 USD. These include websites such as Aliexpress. A majority of the dolls on Aliexpress are made of less expensive raw silicone in order to lower costs and allow them to fill the market with low-cost demand, but poor quality items.

If a person buys one of these mini sex doll will be left with negative impressions that all dolls made of silicone are identical and sexually explicit dolls aren’t worth the cost. The manufacturers themselves are not responsible for the defective dolls they sell since their product is distributed by dozens of vendors that have different names.

One way to ensure that you receive the best silicone sex doll, made from top quality silicone is to stick with well-known brands. If you choose reputable brands, you can rest assured that the doll you purchase is constructed from costly and premium silicone that will provide you with a ease of maintenance, a pleasant and long-lasting doll experience!

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