How do you deal with your model?

Dress her in sexy outfits. The greatest thing about having the life-size mini sex doll is that you are able to dress her for the event. It doesn’t matter if it’s a role-playing activity or just a casual sexy celebration Make your experience more exciting with her by putting on different costumes. For more details on how to dress your dolls in love for the occasion, visit here.

Clean up after using. Cleaning your doll after each use is the most effective way to ensure that everything is neat. Make use of a gentle antibacterial wash and soap to clean off any dirt and make sure she’s always prepared for your visit. Make sure to apply regularly the baby’s powder, and oil. For more details on maintenance and cleaning go here.

You can travel with your sexy doll. The comfort of traveling with your sex model depends on several aspects, such as its size as well as the laws regarding sex dolls in the country of your choice. If you own a miniature doll, it will easily be carried in your bag for travel. In contrast larger sized sex dolls might require storage boxes. Be sure to know prior to your trip whether sex doll are permitted in the country or in the state you’re traveling to.

A threesome of your friend. Female sex doll can be a great choice for threesomes you can have with your partner. Try the idea with your partner first , to ensure that they’re interested in the concept. If they’re in agreement, then you can have this brand new “third wheel” in your bedroom. If you are looking for ideas for locations, we’ll talk about the threesome in our article.

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